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According to this blog post, Disc Makers, whose main offices are in Pennsauken, New Jersey, are back in the vinyl business after 15 years. This past Thursday, Disc Makers’ CEO Tony van Veen wrote in a blog post on their site:

As of this week, Disc Makers is back selling vinyl record pressing services to independent artists. The rise of vinyl is one of the most improbable stories of the past several years, but it’s real. For each of the past five years, we’ve contemplated whether to get back into the vinyl biz. Every year we thought it was a passing fad. But now, after five years of 35% annual vinyl record sales growth (every year), we’re back to being believers!

Whether it’s nostalgia, or hipsters, or that warm analog sound, vinyl is back with a vengeance! And I think it’s here to stay for a while. So now those old Hamilton presses are cranking again. I can smell that unmistakable smell again, and I experience the tactile, pleasurable feel of sliding that beautiful 12” disc out of its protective paper sleeve.

Returning to the manufacturing equipment the company sold off two decades ago, Disc Makers is now offering high-quality 7 and 12 inch vinyl records in various colors, two different weights, and a variety of record jacket packaging. “It’s not back to the future from our perspective; it’s forward to the past,” says van Veen.

For more of the story, check out the video below.

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