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Local rockers Sing, Bird of Prey released their self-titled EP in late April. The band formed in November 2013 with members David Nicholas, Dave Aon, Matt Sterner, and Cliff Weighknecht (all members from various punk bands including One Win Choice and The Greek Favorites). A full album is in the works.

Much like birds of prey, the band’s EP grabs the listener by force. It alters between sweet, lingering vocals and sudden bursts of passion. Take “Wild Type” as an example; the song starts slowly but then crescendos into a full-blown anthem. Other songs, “Microsatellite” and “Downstream”, follow the trend. “Symbiosis” has a great guitar riff, an awesome way to end the EP. Overall, Sing, Bird of Prey has a cohesive, rock feel. It is a promising start for the band.

Listen to the first track “Wild Type” below.  Catch them live August 3rd at the Trocardero.