Photo by Kate Harrold |

There’s one is every crowd: the whistleblower. However, in this case it’s a harmonica-blower. Because, per the cliché, a whistle would be too normcore and definitely not counter-culture enough for this typical hipster crowd.

Check out Heyward Howkins’ “The Raucous Call of Morning” in this Internet ad for Limited Edition Pale Ale by Garagista Beer Co., a brewery in South Africa. The ad features patchy-bearded guys coming from all directions simply because they’d heard that a new beer is “limited edition.” They show up in droves on single speed bikes wielding vinyl records, hard shell suitcases (did the create a new “hipster” cliché?) and typewriters – likely to draft a letter to send home to the source of their trust fund (going along with this exhausted hipster theme), only to fight each other for a bottle of the brew.

There’s a long shot of a bearded guy wearing dark shades taking the time in the middle of the fray to take a selfie as someone’s trying to take a bottle of Limited Edition Pale Ale out of his hands. Because let’s face, no one would believe that he was there at the scene of the theft of this “limited edition” beer if it wasn’t documented on Instagram. But selfies seem like a platitude that a hipster would be above in 2014, right? If not and selfies are a cliché that belongs to only the hippest, well, that’s news to this mustached writer.

The juxtaposition of “The Raucous Call of Morning,” from The Hale & Hearty, in this scene is a little difficult to line up though. It’s an awfully sparse moment in the song and a pretty much mellow number from start to finish for a shot of a stampeding mob such as this one, at least. But maybe the folks over at Garagista simply think The Hale & Hearty, Howkins’ first album, is his best and have three bearded hipster fingers pointing back at them. Well, us at The Key are fans of Be Frank, Furness, as well.