Load-In to Load-Out: A night on the job with Red Fang at The Troc - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

It was once known as The Arch Street Opera House. Over the past century and a half, it’s been called a lot of things (according to its Wikipedia page, anyhow) including: Park Theatre, Gaiety Theatre, Slocum’s and Sweatman’s Theatre (a personal favorite), and Sweatman’s Arch Street Opera House. Most recently it goes by the name The Trocadero Theater, or it’s more colloquial name, The Troc.

Fast forward 144 years past the recorded birth date, and I find myself trying to prove to a group of diligent, extremely friendly employees that I belong in this prestigious venue a few hours before doors open. A well-established home for movies, comedy, pop and – moreso, I think, than any other venue in Philadelphia – hard fucking rock.

The latter of which is why I was there. My credentials checked out, and I find myself walking through the empty lobby, out in to the spacious arena, around the elevated staging area, up an ancient set of stairs, down a dark, very ominous hallway, and in to “the back room” which also happens to be the literal back room.

I guess this is where the fantasy ends, though. [continue]

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