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The People have been a band for a little over 2 years now, making music centered around folk, rock and jazzy sounds (often including a stomp & clap portion).  Lead vocalist Alexa Barchini has a gruff yet rich tone to her voice that makes you want to listen closely to her lyrics. Barchini’s vocals are only enriched by her talented bandmates: Dan Hanrahan on lead guitar, Charles Lane on rhythm guitar/vocals, Mark Przybylowski on bass and Gabriel Globus-Hoenich on drums.

Their newest single, “Vega” is filled with meaning. The inspiration for the title comes from the purpose the star Vega holds within the constellation, Lyra.  It is the brightest star in Lyra, and completes the constellation by drawing attention to it. According to Lane:

 It’s about not seeing yourself as an empty vessel to be filled by a significant, but rather seeing yourself as a unique individual that a significant other can contribute to, embrace and support.

The beginning of the song actually sounds like stars twinkling in the sky. It slips into a dreamy melody up until 1:35 when they introduce a striking rock & roll chord.  From there, “Vega” really morphs into pop/rock & roll track as if the twinkling star was really a shooting star flying through the constellation.

The People are a band that you can’t stylistically pigeonhole. Their ability to go from playing Sufjan Stevens covers to stomp & clap folk anthems showcases their musical interests and dexterity. They are a band dedicated to making music that engages their audience – not to mention that they like to have fun on stage either.

Download the single “Vega” below.

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