Creepoid | Photo by Adam Wallacavage

Local psych punk band Creepoid just released their latest music video for “Yellow Wallpaper,” a track off of the band’s 2014 self-titled LP. The Philly-bred band recently added Far Out Fangtooth’s Nick Kulp to their lineup and relocated to Savannah, Georgia – but were only in their new home temporarily as they immediately went out on a run of tour dates with Against Me!. In an interview with The Key’s Brian Wilensky, drummer Pat Troxell explained that “I always…try to envision somebody challenging themselves while listening to our music. Challenging themselves to look at the world from a perspective that they aren’t that comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be my vision of the world they see. We just try to get people to cock their head a little bit.”

That is exactly what they did with the new music video. Fitting perfectly with the song’s spaced out shoegaze feel, the video is a warped trip that follows the band performance the song in an ornate living room. It is accompanied by dim lights, lots of fog and, of course, a floating lion head. Overall, the video is ominous yet mesmerizing, much like the Creepoid’s music. It was directed by Philadelphia sculptor and photographer Adam Wallacavage – you can see one of his trademark octopus chandelier sculptures in the opening shot and throughout the video.

Catch the band October 4th at the TLA with Balance and Composure and Seahaven. Get more details here. Watch the video below.