Basement | Photo by Allison Newbold |

Hours before doors, hundreds of people waited in line in front of Union Transfer for the sold out Basement show on Monday night. The Run for Cover Records emo band recently reunited and are currently on the last leg of their US tour with Pennsylvania’s own Superheaven (formerly known as Daylight), Pity Sex, and Ovlov.

Connecticut alternative pop rock band Ovlov opened the show with an incredible set. The band played a great mix of songs, including a new song titled “The Great Crocodile” off of their split with Philadelphia’s Little Big League. One of the fans in the audience yelled out to the vocalist “I love you Jack Black” due to his similar physical features, which got the crowd laughing for a good minute.

Following Ovlov, Pity Sex played one of the best sets I have ever seen them play. What was really wonderful was being actually being able to hear vocalists Britty Drake and Brennan Greaves. The sound at Union Transfer is always spot on! Pity Sex played an array of songs including “Wind Up” and “Drown Me Out” as well as a Pixies cover.

After Pity Sex performed, recent SideOneDummy Records signee Superheaven was up next. I have not seen Superheaven since they changed their name so I had no idea what to expect. Their performance left me speechless. The stage was flooded with fans and Superheaven’s performance was on point; each member was head banging during every song and was constantly moving, a definitely improved stage presence since the last time I saw them under the name Daylight. Vocalist/Guitarist Taylor Madison had the best banter of the night, talking as he slowly tuned his guitar about whatever he pleased. Towards the end of their performance, Madison said “We are Superheaven and we are the best damn rock band that ever lived”. During the second to last song, the father of drummer Zack Robbins hopped onto the drum set and played the end of the song with Superheaven. There was so much excitement coming from both Zack and his dad as he played the drums in front of the sold out crowd for his son.

Shortly after Superheaven was the band that everyone has been waiting to see for the past year, Basement. English emo rock band Basement broke up in the summer of 2012 because, at the time, the members wanted to go their separate ways and do new things.

Earlier this year, Basement reunited and began touring internationally; the band said this show was the largest crowd that they played for on this tour, and throughout their career. (By comparison, their last show in Philadelphia before breaking up was at The Barbary.) This night was also special because it was drummer James Fisher’s 22nd birthday, which the band celebrated with a sheet cake and champagne.

This 16 song set was easily one of the best sets that I have ever seen. Have you ever seen a band perform live before and wanted to immediately go home and listen to their entire discography? That is how I felt after seeing Basement. They played all of their popular songs including “Covet,” “Whole,” “Bad Apple,” as well as a special acoustic performance performed solo by vocalist Andrew Fisher which he’s only done once prior to this, making it a truly special night.