PREMIERE: Heat Thunder's new "River Song"
“River Song” single artwork by Colin Frangicetto.

When we first heard Heat Thunder‘s new single “River Song” it was in the band’s Key Studio Session back in May, the song was rousing and intriguing, walking a fine line between wistful ambience and locked-in folk rock.  In the studio version we’re premiering today, those elements of the song are magnified tenfold.

As primary songwriter Joe Montone explains over email, “River Song” has been a centerpiece of the Doylestown band’s live show for quite some time and has pushed the band to new songwriting heights.  He continues:

The song depicts an abominable longing for something as equally enormous to take you over. And time and time again, whether live, or as Luming’s guitar tones ripped me up and blinded me in the studio, the feeling of this has held true. It is an unchained song that has become a bigger leap for all of us every time we play it.

“River Song” sounds like it is pouring straight of the band’s soul. There aren’t many lyrics – its more about conveying emotions through the actual music rather than spelling it out with words.  There’s a spectral aura that billows out from Luming Hao’s abstract guitar playing, while drummer Wil Chamuris and bassist Matt Phillips keep things as grounded as possible.

Listen to River Song below, along with a video of Heat Thunder performing it live during the Key Session.  The studio track was recorded at The Headroom with Kyle Pulley, mixed by Matt Phillips and mastered by Richard Morris in Asbury Park.  The band will celebrate the single’s release this Saturday, August 30th at Maxwell’s on Main in Doylestown and Tuesday September 2nd at MilkBoy.  Tickets and information for both shows can be found here.

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