Jukebox the Ghost | Photo by Kelsey Stanger

Today’s Free At Noon concert presented Jukebox the Ghost, the indie-pop trio from D.C. who came in support of their new, self-titled album, out October 21st.

The boys kicked off their set with their popular tune “Somebody”, which immediately garnered the attention throughout the room. After, they gave the audience a sneak peak at some of their brand new songs from their aforementioned album, it was clear that they were excited to be there. As they played, guys in the band weaved in goofy commentary and honest remarks and kept the room’s energy powerfully positive. As I swept my eyes across the room, it was easy to see that every set of eyes (other than mine that is) were glued to the stage. The boys played with a magnetism all their own and the crowd was left to sit back and enjoy.

As they rounded up their set list, they were sure to throw in some of the crowd favorites like “Schizophrenia” and “Good Day.” Finally, after being cheered out for one last song, they finished it up with “Hold It In” and left the room spellbound and wanting more. To get an idea of what these guys have to offer, take a look at some of the pictures below captured during the show and click to listen to the live recording through our WXPN player.

[xpnplayer action=”audio” category=”Free At Noon” artist=”Jukebox The Ghost 8.29.14 ” date=”2014″ button=”yes”][/xpnplayer]

The Great Unknown
Made For Ending
Say When
Good Day

Hold It In