Aunt Dracula's new "Yapoto" video belongs in an art gallery.
Aunt Dracula | Photo courtesy of the artist

Experimental Philly musician Aunt Dracula is kind of our own local, homegrown Animal Collective – fearlessly blending electronic oddities and freaked out boundary-pushing textures with a easygoing pop flipside. Last year they reissued their 2009 release Face Peel, and this year they’re readying a remix project of songs from that record called Peel Face. The album will feature reworkings by Prince Rama, Indian Jewelry, Excepter, Eric Copeland, Damon Tutunjian from Swirlies, and Japanese Gum. This week, the band released the Oval version of “Yapoto” (dubbed the “Rainjacket remix”) as well as an accompanying music video, which I could seriously see on display in an art gallery.

It’s not a video in the sense that it has a story line, or footage of people, or even representations of people. This video, by Logan Owlbeemoth is more about color and shape, fragmented forms that meld into one another. Aunt Dracula main dude Scott Daly tells us “the concept of the video was the use of pure analog video synthesis to create psychedelic patterns and alien glitches. It is a representation of a visual painting of the music. No post production was used besides editing the captured sources in the computer. All of the equipment used to create the video synthesis is Tachyons+ gear.”

Check out the alluring video below, and look for Peel Face to be released by year’s end.

AUNT DRACULA – Yapoto (OVAL – “Rainjacket” remix) from TACHYONS+ on Vimeo.

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