The Shed Sessions "Graceland" cover will knock you out
Shed Sessions band covering Graceland | Photo courtesy of Justin Pittney

This afternoon Justin Pittney of the band Residuels (and formerly Moon Women) dropped a line today to let us know he’s been spending some time in the UK, working on a new video series based in the town of Bath called the Shed Sessions. It’s one of those on-site video performance series, but super tastefully done, and it recently rolled out its second video – a smokin’ cover of “Graceland” by Paul Simon.

“My good friend Louis Lewis-Smith built a recording studio by hand in his back yard (or “garden” as he calls it, haha) directly on the bank of the river Avon,” Pittney tells us via email. “It’s a pretty magical place and he had the idea to start doing live sessions in front of the shed.”

Stew Jackson (a producer who has worked with Massive Attack) runs the show and assembled the musicians for each session. In this one, it’s Emily Breeze and Adam Combs from Candy Darling (a Brighton post-punk band named for a Warhol superstar; Pittney says they’re “killer”), Rod Brakes of Blood Choir (he also owns the local guitar shop in Bath) as well as Pittney and Lewis-Smith. For this video, Jackson played Moog and drum machine, and chose the song.

“I have to admit, I was unfamiliar with it, haha,” Pittney says via email. “We all learned the song right there on the lawn, smoked too many cigarettes (if you can’t tell in the video) and recorded the whole thing using only three microphones. That’s including the vocal mic! I’m really stoked on how it came out.”

Check out the video below (and compare it to the original) and check out more at the Shed Sessions’ YouTube channel.

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