Zilla Rocca & the Shadowboxers bring rap-noir to life
Photo via www.facebook.com/zillarocca

Philly rap crew Zilla Rocca & the Shadowboxers have brought Zilla’s self-styled genre rap-noir to life with the release of new music video “Starvation Hour.” The track preaches the gamble of taking part in the competitive music scene with lyrics “It’s like rolling snake eyes with Dr. Fate”, but according to this Bob Sweeney directed video, there was no competition. Rocca is the last man standing. Donning a t-shirt with “Night Life” appropriately printed on it, Rocca walks aimlessly through the abandoned streets of Philadelphia at what appears to be well past midnight. Save for a cameo of his crew mate Curly Castro there is not a soul alive besides Rocca. Lacking any special effects, the only flash of light comes from his signature chrome microphone as it swings aimlessly in an empty basement so bleak we could feel the mildew through our screen. But that is not to say we missed the bells and whistles that most videos showcase. The simple and dark video complemented the serious tone of Rocca’s lyrics brilliantly. “Starvation Hour” is a track off of Zilla Rocca & the Shadowboxer’s latest album No Vacation for Murder. Below, check out the video.

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