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We recently slid past the six month anniversary of St. James and the ApostlesThe Key Studio Session, and just as we sighed while nostalgically re-listening to the rock and roll tracks they treated us to, they returned in fine fashion by releasing a new album called Via Dolorosa. During their studio session they rocked with four teasers off of Via Dolorosa (“Gimme Some”, “Friend In Jesus”, “Siobahn”, and “Saint James Infirmary Blues”), and we knew we would like the album back then. However, after hearing the record in its entirety, it exceeded our expectations.

Between James Mahon’s haunting and raspy vocals on “Til You’re Gone”, Jeff Castner’s cymbal-slamming beat on “Paradise Slaves”, and Mike Kiker’s overall keyboard work that makes us wish we had known just how cool learning how to play the piano could be back when we were 8, this is an incredibly well-rounded and cohesive album. Each track is different enough that there is a clear difference, but similar enough that they click together seamlessly. Towards the end point of fast-paced “Shavonne,” the sound of a train horn blasts a number of times, and it is incredibly telling of the trio’s album. It’s coming at you fast, hard, and you might as well jump on to take a listen; you won’t regret it.

St. James & the Apostles’ will take the stage at Ortleib’s for an album release show on October 10th. Head over to the XPN Concert Calender for tickets and more information. Below, check out their gritty live performance video of “Rent Boy Blues,” and stream their full new album Via Dolorosa.