885 Countdown: Matt O'Donnell's five All Time Greatest Songs

It’s time for another countdown, and we invited 6 ABC Morning News Anchor Matt O’Donnell to give us a list of his top five picks for XPN’s 885 All Time Greatest Songs.  You can contribute too, but voting ends tomorrow so go here to get your list of the best (and worst) songs in today.  Check out Matt’s five favorites below and stay tuned for the countdown playback, beginning October 20th. From Matt:

“Heat of the Moment” by Asia

Hearing this on the radio once led me to purchase the debut album of this 80’s supergroup, which was my very first purchase of a full “album.” Oh, and I bought it on cassette. I still have it in a drawer. I’ll send you a picture if you want.

“Where Eagles Dare” by Iron Maiden

This song, which leads off their classic LP “Piece of Mind” absolutely rips. I just recently learned how to play Nicko’s drum lick that opens the song. But I’m not as good at it as he is, of course.

“Point of No Return” (from Phantom of the Opera) by Andrew Lloyd Weber

Sorry folks, but this number brings tears to my eyes. Sniff, sniff. My favorite musical of all time.

“Into the Crypt of Rays” by Celtic Frost

An extreme metal band from the 80’s that briefly reunited about 10 years ago. Influenced just about any band that plays music that has you asking the question: “Is there really a market for this?”

“Eulogy” by Tool

A song that represents everything that makes Tool such a perfect band. Progressiveness, anger, loudness battling quiet moments, passion towards individualism, protest over conformity, great riffs, great drumming, great baselines, weird instruments thrown in, and, well, of course, Maynard.

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