“I tried being humble, humble get no respect” – Malice

There are many upcoming hip hop artists who share the same feeling as Malice. In this game, you have to to show confidence at all times, regardless how people feel about it. If you’re cocky and they hate you, at least they notice you, but being humble will get you liked and sadly overlooked.This dilemma is an issue that Philadelphia hip hop artist P.U.R.E. shares with his listeners.

As you sit and tune in to his last two mixtapes, Summer 23 and Blackheart Season, you’ll notice two things. First, the phenomenal beats from himself and producer AO, which make you think that both are 3000 light years ahead of their competition. The next thing you’ll hear is the frustration of being overlooked – from P.U.R.E. and other artists such as E-Hos, Thelonius, Antman, Mickey Facts. Songs such as  “Sunlight,” “Saturated” and “Home Stretch” show that these artists are tired of being excluded from the spotlight for others who they view as less talented.

P.U.R.E. does a good job of venting these issues while making each project sound different. While Summer 23 has more of a positive uplifting feeling, Blackheart Season sounds more dark. The Philly artist lets out his feelings about his doubts about the career path he chose and about losing a close friend. With more amazing projects to come in the near future, P.U.R.E. is ready to show the City of Brotherly Love why they shouldn’t sleep on him. Below, listen to both Summer 23 and Blackheart Season.