Eric Slick releases new collection of demo recordings
Eric Slick | photo by Shervin Lainez

After removing his first solo record from Bandcamp, Eric Slick surprised fans with the release of Four Track Demos vol. 1, a collection of solo recordings from the Dr. Dog Drummer.The recording spans 14 tracks that were recorded in Asheville, NC and Philadelphia and dips into the always interesting weirder side of Slick.  Opener “Places (That We’ll Go)” is a quiet song with trembling, classical sounding guitar and Slick’s voice layered over itself.  Some songs, like “The Reconcile” have a decidedly European feel a la Beirut, while “The Dirge” could have been a Toby Leaman song.  The Philly resident also pulls in a track from his duo project Lithuania with DRGN King front man Dom Angellela – it’s the tension-releasing, angular “Bunny That Hopped Into Heaven” that appears midway through the album.

Listen to the recording below and sign up for a limited run of cassettes via Seagreen Records here.

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