Meet GoGo Morrow: Philadelphia's triple threat star
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“GoGo Yubari’s character was an innocent-faced, assassin that you never saw coming. The same holds true for me as an artist. People never see me coming but I’m here and I’m a triple threat as a singer, writer, and dancer. I’m always up for a challenge.”- GoGo Morrow

Anyone who isn’t from Philly probably can’t see GoGo Morrow coming, but if you’re from Philly, you know about this rising R&B star. And if you didn’t, you should. From the moment you press play on any of her Soundcloud tracks, you not only can hear the talent this lady has but you can visualize her success in the future.

That quote from GoGo is pretty accurate: this artist is without a doubt a triple threat. When it comes to her singing she’s found her voice and knows what works best for her, style-wise – an issue that most singers nowadays struggle with. Her ability in writing songs is pretty impressive, especially the lyrics of “Breaking The Rules” and her new song “Replay.” Lines like “Usually I can’t stand the heat but for you I’ll play with fire,” and “Ever had a man that made you forget every single thing he’s done to you,” are so effective because they not only make the listener replay the song, but also make her her fans relate to her creative outlook. As a dancer, GoGo is phenomenal. Just look at videos “Replay” and “Take this Love,” and you can see that this lady gives her all when it comes to her choreography.

Listening to her catalog, watching her videos and seeing her perform, you’ll be able to see the heavy influence that Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Aaliyah have on her. When she hits, everyone else might be surprised by the rising success of Gogo Morrow, but check out her music now and you’ll be able to say you saw it coming.

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