As we make the seemingly abrupt change from the muggy warm weather months to the brisk autumnal chill, let’s reminisce. As you break out the long-sleeves, the flannel, the sweaters, let’s remember how good Summer was to us. Perhaps you had a beach vacation or a leisurely stroll in the forest that’ll keep you going through the cold that’s coming. For us here at Folkadelphia, we’ll think on our recording session with Philadelphia local’s Slowey and the Boats. The instrumental music that Slowey and the Boats creates is pure fun through and through. At Folkadelphia Sessions, we’re a bit obsessed with bringing bands with steel guitars in, so we jumped at the opportunity to invite a band that features one, especially since they’re locally situated. The group took us through an entertaining set list ranging from sentimental ballads, Spanish and Latin songs, Hawaiian-inspired pieces, and reworkings of traditional country and folk tunes. We joked with the members that each copy of their record should feature an instructional dance move book because you can certainly cut some rug with these songs. Wherever you are, I hope that once you click play, you’ll stand up and groove to Slowey and the Boats Folkadelphia Session.