E-Hos | photo courtesy of the artist

Everybody wants to be popular. Most of us have experienced the feeling of wanting to be noticed in school, whether it be high school or college, and many of us feel that if we’re not popular it makes us a loser. That might be how West Philly’s E-Hos felt when he dropped his latest project High School Losers Real Life Winners.

E-Hos does a great job with not only showing his value as a person in this album, but he shows his value as an MC as well. For example, three of his songs – “Circa 2001,” “Elan” and “Waiting For You” – show that E-Hos is skilled at storytelling. “Circa 2001,” featuring Patrick Donovan, tells the story of his journey as a rapper. “Elan” paints a picture of E-Hos reminiscing about a close friend who passed away. On “Waiting For You” E-Hos teams up with JayMar to portray a situation of two friends trying to win over the same girl.

Then there are songs like “Morpheus,” “Congratulations,” “Spit” and “Pain And Gain” that show his worth not only as a talent lyricist, but as entertainer who has the ability to move the crowd as well. High School Losers Real Life Winners shows E-Hos’ growth from being a nobody in high school to becoming a somebody in real life. Listen to “Circa 2001” below.