Young Chris at the TLA

It’s safe to say that Philly’s Young Chris had South Street on lock this past Thursday. The veteran rapper made his city proud by giving an amazing performance at the TLA and packed the house full of fans who were anxious to hear the MC play their favorites: “North of Death,” “Never Die,” “Don’t Play” and more.

Besides Young Chris giving a hell of a show for his fans, he also brought out other Philly artists, a mixture of vets and newcomers he thought his city should be aware of. The veteran MCs consisted of Peedi Crack, Neef Buck and Oschino. These dudes, like the headliner, made their city proud by performing fan favorites such as “Fall Back” and “Sun Don’t Shine.” The upcoming artists – Omelly, Kur, Phat Geez, Guordan Banks, K. Smith and Asia Sparks – not only got to shine at the TLA but they also displayed the raw energy that a hallmark of Philadelphia hip hop.

Salute to all the artist who rocked the house at the TLA last Thursday, especially Young Chris. By him bringing out a huge lineup during his set, whether they were fresh or seasoned, he showed why his city Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. Hopefully the skilled MC knows that his performance was another example of how he continues to make his city proud. Check out videos from the show below via