Mody Farooq educates and entertains on new track "The Pillars"
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Hip hop at its best knows how to educate and entertain the youth. So it’s always fascinating to hear a new young MC captivate a listener with a dope creative sweet sixteen and at the same time drop so much knowledge in their lines you would think that you’re listening to a lecture from Socrates, Malcolm X, or Confucius.

With that being said, it’s great that each of Mody Farooq‘s projects give listeners that yin andyang feeling. At a young age, this spoken word artist has made a name for himself in Philadelphia, and in the past couple of months it seems as if he’s ready to do the same thing in the world of hip hop itself.

This month, he released Rhythm & Black, Farooq’s third album this year; Black and Mild Music came out in September, The Black Odyssey came out in June. Listening to them, it is apparent that, like most dope MCs, Farooq has the ability to educate his audience, entertaining them in such a way that his might not immediately realize they learned something.

Take, for instance, how he captures the listener on his song “The Pilars,” with lines like “Your girl is just a groupie to the words that I’m crafting / To the songs that I’m slapping / I just want to see us active / Chains off the body but the mind is still captive.” He gains your attention with a cocky statement about how your girl wants him and as soon as he gets it, he makes a profound allusion to the lingering effects of slavery.

This strategy will not only help Mody Farooq keep his audience but also be able to gain new fans. The Philadelphia MC can assure his listeners that he has the ability to leave a mark in the hip hop game that’s just as big as the mark he left in spoken word. Check out “The Pilars” and “Super Wario (feat. ChexzWitDaMack)” below and hear his ability to educate and entertain listeners.

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