The Lawsuits perform an acoustic version of "Sweet Marcelle"
The Lawsuits | Photo by Michelle Montgomery |

Philadelphia band The Lawsuitswere recently featured by Guitar World Magazine for an acoustic version of their track “Sweet Marcelle” off of their recent album, Tumbled.

The band, known for their rootsy and rocking sound, uses multiple layers of vocals and instrumentation, mixing together genres ranging from blues to rock to gospel. That’s why this most recent recording has garnered the attention it’s been receiving. Breaking away from their typical style, the band’s vocalists Brian Dale Allen Strouse and Vanessa Winters used just one guitar, one mic, and two voices to recreate a new spin on their track. Their breaking down of the track gives it a more simple and melancholy audio ambiance that tugs at the heart strings a little more than it tugs at the ear drums.

Strouse told Guitar World:

“Sweet Marcelle’ is probably the most intricate recording we have done to date. It has dozens of layers of vocals and instrumentation. So, to take all of that and break it down to one guitar and two vocals was an exciting challenge.” Needless to say, the group rose to that challenge with an exceptional result reminiscent of Dylan, James Taylor and Carol King, and many other past musical innovators while still clinging to a contemporary sound that defines the track as truly their own.

Watch the video below, and be sure to see The Lawsuits perform on the last stop of their tour in Philadelphia at The Boot & Saddle on January 10th. Go here for tickets and more information about the show.

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