The Sun Flights | photo via Facebook

The Sun Flights have returned from a nine-month journey across the country, a “musical adventure” that saw the creation of a new record called House of Man.  The album is set to be recorded later this month and upon their return home to Philadelphia the duo, comprised of Natalie Butts and Claire Duncombe, stopped in at the Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop to film a Random Tea Session in anticipation of the LP.

“Changing” is a prime example of The Sun Flights’ pristine harmonies and also a glimpse into the kind of self-exploration the trip allowed them.  It’s a touching song that’s as simple as it is complex, with a push and pull in the vocals that mimics the push and pull in the relationship they sing about.  Watch the video below and welcome The Sun Flights home at the Random Tea Room on Thursday, Noevember 13th.  More information can be found here.