Three Man Cannon | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Soon a day will come when I no longer have to write “band got all their gear stolen” but, alas, today is not that day. Word has been making the rounds this evening (first via a heartfelt Tumblr post by Cayetana’s Augusta Koch, and next by a report on Property of Zack) that Philly-via-Scranton punk four-piece Three Man Cannon had a massive amount of instruments, pedals and hardware stolen tonight.

The worst part about it is that they weren’t on tour. Not that being on tour would have made it okay, but still, you expect to some degree that your stuff is safe and secure when you’re at home. While the particulars of how it happened are not yet clear, what exactly is missing can be found in the list below.

1977 Fender Twin Reverb with Warehouse Speakers
Epiphone Dot – Red
Peavey Bass – Sunburst w/ White Pickgaurd
Roland Space Echo RE-150 – Japan (100v)
Tascam M-06 Six Channel Mixer
TC Electronic Polytune
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
DigiDesign JamMan
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
JHS Superbolt
Electro Harmonix Small Clone
Arion SAD-1 Stereo Delay
Hardwire RV-7
Peavey Tour Series 700 Bass Head
Premier 24inch Kick Drum – White
    Black cymbal case
    14” new beat hi hats (zildjian)
     21” sweet ride (zildjian)
    19” Sabian Signature Crash
    19” A custom projection crash (zildjian)
Via Koch:

Matt from Three Man Cannon recorded everything Cayetana has ever done and has been a source of overwhelming support since day one. His band is one of our favorite bands from Philly and it truly pains me to see them go through this. I tried to suggest a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe, but they refused to take money from people. They lost thousands of dollars worth of gear today and it’s going to be very hard to start a band again. SO, PLEASE PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR ALL OF THIS STUFF. Check your local craigslist and pawn shop. The punk community is one of the best, if we can get this stuff back it would be amazing! Thanks for your time, please repost!

The band recently played a great set opening for Restorations’ album release party this past weekend; check out Rachel Del Sordo’s photos of the show to get a look at what they’re playing, and if you see any mysteriously similar items for sale online or in secondhand stores, say something.