Interpol performed at Union Transfer following snowpocalypse
Interpol | photo by Matthew Shaver |

I once spent 23 hours on a flight over to Asia.  About 10 hours in to it, the very real thought popped in to my head that I may lose my mind and just go nuts.  That was on a vacation.  Can’t imagine being stuck in a bus for 50 hours on my way to work.  Interpol made it though, 3 cancelled shows later, Philly was their first stop post-snowpocalypse, and they were anxious to play to a sold-out Union Transfer crowd.

Wasting no time with silly little formal introductions, they came crashing out of the gate with the epic “Say Hello To The Angels.”  It led off a cinematic and varied set, featuring newer cuts from El Pintor sprinkled lightly in to tracks from their entire catalogue.  I like the new album, don’t get me wrong, but I appreciate the willingness to stay away from playing mostly new stuff.  As good as they are, Turn On The Bright Lights remains the high point in Interpol’s catalogue, and any track from it is bound to be welcomed with open arms.  The double whammy of “NYC” and “Stella Was A Diver and She Was Always Down” closed out the night.  Not much for talking, Interpol definitely seeming like they were loving being off the bus and dressed to the nines.

Openers Hundred Waters brought a sort of languid style of electro rock to the table.  I don’t mean that as a pejorative either.  The ethereal vocals, often with no discernible lyrical content, floated gently over synth waves, occasional drum crashes, and gentle guitar strums.  I haven’t heard their album The Moon Rang Like A Bell yet, but I have a feeling this style plays out a lot nicer in person than through headphones.  Both Interpol and Hundred Waters return to Philly on December 1st for a second sold-out show at Union Transfer.

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