Busses | photo by Josh Camerote

“Rain” sounds just like that: a rain storm up in Fishtown.  From its opening drips of synthesizer to the “thundering” climax of the chorus, local trio Busses translate blustering winds and driving rain into a layered and dynamic song.  It follows June’s “Overload” as the second track the band has shared off of its new sophomore record Wizard of the Eye which is set for release on February 17th.

Though the title may match the sonic arrangement of the song, the lyrics of “Rain” come from a very different point of origin. From Busses’ Dave Brett:

I pulled up to a parking spot a block away from Lost Bar and was waiting for friend before going in. After a few minutes, a young girl walks up to my passenger side window and knocks.  ‘You doing alright? You need anything?’, she asked.  I said I was fine and she walked away and hung around half a block away or so. I assumed she was asking if I was 1. lost, 2. looking for drugs, 3. looking for sex, or 4. all of the above.  “Rain” is about the person who knocked on my window that night.

Where “Overload” drifts and swells, “Rain” charges and overflows; the horns are funky without lightening up the mood too much. Stream and download the track below and listen back to “Overload” here.  Busses will be at Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, December 10th with Exit Verse and Myrrias.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show can be found here.