Philly hip-hop vet Spade-O talks about the history of the scene with DJ Circuitbreaka
Spade-O | Photo by D. McDowell | via Philly 360

This past week on MyRadioPhilly, DJ Circuitbreaka brought scene veteran Spade-O of Major Figgas on the show to talk about his journey as one of Philadelphia most respected hip hop artists. During the interview Spade-O touched on a plethora of topics: reminiscing about the epic cyphers between Philly his crew and Beanie Sigel’s State Proterty, calling their battles historic and based more in respect than serious rivalry.

The respected MC went on to show his appreciation to the current Philly hip hop star Meek Mill, saying how thankful he was to have him reach out to him after he was released from prison and showing him things about the business that he wasn’t aware of. Spade-O made it clear that he wasn’t ashamed to take advice from a younger artist, and that Meek’s advice helped him get to where he is now.

Later Spade-O was asked why other veteran MCs like himself don’t choose create record labels for aspiring artist in Philly, just as he did with Quilly Millz, and his response was “Well they’ve got the Brett Farve syndrome. Some people, they don’t know how to live without the people cheering for them, they need to hear the people saying they name. I don’t care about that…I’m happier when I hear them chanting Quilly or City…I’ve had my time in the light and it was great.”

Check out the full interview below:

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