Joe Jack Talcum and Dave Blood of Dead Milkmen

Philly punk favorites Dead Milkmen have been unearthing some Christmas gems from the archives this holiday season. The biting (and sadly still relevant) “All I Want for Christmas is a Job,” which features singer-guitarist Joe Jack Talcum doing a playfully stripped-down performance with the late Dave Blood on bass, surfaced as an mp3 last week. You can download it listen below; it’s got a nice Daniel Johnston-ish swing to it.  

There’s also the rare and outstanding “Christmas Party,” originally released on the Milkmen’s cassette-only album Someone Shot Sunshine in 1984. It’s also a Joe Jack tune (clearly he’s something of a holiday geek) and it features an incredible lyric about baking mistletoe pie.


Not Christmas-related but awesome all the same is this footage that local videographer Pilgrim’s Progress shared this week of the Dead Milkmen playing a set in West Philly’s Clark Park circa 1993.

Dig in and have some Milkmen with your Christmas!