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It’s jangling guitars and world-weary words are totally drawn from the rock anthems of R.E.M. and U2 (not, like, Songs of Innocence U2. more like Boy-era U2), but the moments of overdrive and chaos give new Philly trio Readership a nice punk edge. The band recently released its self-titled debut single – available as a free download on Bandcamp – and plays its first Philly show of 2015 on Friday night.

Readership is made up of Adrian Morse and Matt Mastronardo of Trackjackets on guitar and bass respectively, along with drummer Greg Matthew, who they connected with through the West Chester music scene earlier this year. Their songwriting is on the one hand bookish and introverted, but the soaring oh’s and ah’s give it potential to connect at a bigger level. I’m stoked to hear more from them this year. Check it out below, and give a listen to the last release from Trackjackets – bitingly titled The way we drank there was hardly any money for the music via the good folks at 502 South.

Information on Readership’s 1/2 show with The Sixties, Problem Solving and Andalusia Band can be found here.