Courtney Barnett | Photo by Mia Mala McDonald |
Courtney Barnett has shared another new song, “Depreston,” from her forthcoming album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.

Sounding like a distant cousin to the Rolling Stones’ “Waiting On Friend,” “Depreston” does a complete 180 compared to the heavy rocking first single from the album that she rolled out, “Pedestrian at Best.” “Depreston” showcases the folkier side of Barnett’s muse, yet her lyrics are as sharp as ever. WXPN Welcomes Courtney to Union Transfer on Monday, June 15th. Go here for tickets and more information about the show.

Below, press play and sing along.

words & lyrics: Courtney Barnett

You said we should look out further,
I guess it wouldn’t hurt us.
We don’t have to be around all these coffee shops.
Now we’ve got that percolator,
never made a latte greater.
I’m saving twenty-three dollars a week.

We drive to a house in Preston,
we see police arresting
a man with his hand in a bag.
How’s that for first impressions?
This place seems depressing.
It’s a “Californian bungalow in a cul-de-sac”.

It’s got a lovely garden,
a garage for two cars to park in
(“or a lot of room for storage if you’ve just got one”).
And it’s going pretty cheap you say?
“Well it’s a deceased estate…
aren’t the pressed metal ceilings great?”

Then I see the handrails in the shower,
a collection of those canisters for coffee, tea and flour,
and a photo of a young man in a van in Vietnam.

And I can’t think of floorboards anymore,
whether the front room faces south or north,
and I wonder what she bought it for.

(If you’ve got a spare half a million, you should knock it down and start rebuilding)