Son Little | Photo by Kelsey Stanger

Eclectic and bluesy Philly musician Son Little was featured on the New Yorker’s Listening Booth segment yesterday after putting out a track that will melt the frost right off your eyelashes. “O Mother” is a slow jam packed with wobbly guitar lines, funky back beats and Livingston’s soulful vocals. It’s an ode to his mother, asking her some of life’s big questions:

“O mother, is this not the way you taught me to behave? I won’t just sit here and let them treat me like a slave. Can I love the world and hate how it makes me feel, ’cause I don’t want to kneel? Is there anyone who’s got my back for real?”

The song will warm your soul on this fine, frost-bitten Thursday. Give it a listen below and come out to see Son Little when he plays World Cafe Live on April 22nd; tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.