Nah's new EP bridges the worlds of ambient, noise-punk and hip-hop
Nah | Photo by Jonathan Minto

Experimental percussionist Nah has a distinct sound: ambient psychedelic sounds mixed with complex, full-throttle drum beats. The Philly-based artist released a two-track EP called Nobody Cares What Happens, No One’s Interested, which showcases his talents as both a drummer and a producer. 

Opener “A Man That Says No” features convulsing ride-cymbal hits, blasting baselines and  vocal samples.  The flipside, “Lurk, Stalk, Walk, Talk,” begins with an extra-terrestrial beep that breaks down into a rhythm that bridges noise punk and hip hop. The title of the track suits the nervy sound that transpires; like you’re being chased in a psychological thriller.

Nah will be playing March 13 at The Vat with Boston’s KTB, Hunnie Bunnies, LXV, and Philiac. You can find more information at the Facebook event page. Cassetes of the EP and Nah’s summer 2014 LP Woe are available through Ranch Records here.

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