Creativity tends to manifest in multidisciplinary ways. The musicians that Folkadelphia has in for our in-studio sessions are usually not just musicians – they’re artists. They paint, draw, sculpt, curate, write, photograph. Music is not a box that bounds and satisfies their imagination, but serves as one medium of expression. There are many more.

We’ve seen and heard about many “beyond music” projects, but we’ve yet to hear from the musical theater and acting realms. That changed this March when we invited the cast of Lonesome Traveler to travel from New York City to Philly to record songs that are featured in the production.

Lonesome Traveler, written and directed by James O’Neil, is currently running right now until April 19th at the 59E59 Theater. It’s described as “celebrat[ing] the enduring popularity of folk music, presenting a revealing perspective on the roots forever embedded in our culture.” The hybrid musical revue and dramatization pulls its content from early 20th century folk roots through to the folk revival of the 1960s. For fans of folk music, new and old, it is really a treat.

From Folkadelphia’s end of things, what we can tell you is that the cast – we met and recorded a good chunk of them – are a group of extremely talented individuals who are coming together as an tight-knit ensemble. They each defined themselves as top-notch performers, but also, when joined, a magnificent band. We hope they take this act on the road!

Take the short trip to New York and see the full production of Lonesome Traveler. Find out more information and purchase tickets here.