Chill Moody| Photo by John Vettese

Within the last few years, Philly rapper Chill Moody has gone from being known strictly in Philly to breaking down the tri-state barrier.  Performances such as his freestyle on BET’s 106 & Park Backroom and interviews at New York’s coveted Hot 97 has pushed his sound to new ears and new heights. With no shortage of projects on his plate, Chill’s latest album TV Made Me Do It, the first release on his new #nicethingsMusic label, is one of his cleverest offerings to date.

He pokes fun at an idea that we’ve all probably heard at some point in our life, maybe even more than we’d like: “too much TV is bad for you.”  This 13-track album is fitted with appropriate audio cuts from some of your favorite shows to further express Chill’s point that TV just might in one way or another have something to do with everything.

“Channel Surfing” kicks off the album in an auspicious way, and though Moody’s wordplay weaves through a changing instrumental impressively, it just didn’t capture me like I wanted it to.  The second track, “November Funk,” was when the album picked up and didn’t look back.  One of the highlights of the entire project, it builds the hype with hard lyrics about the city Moody calls home backed by an even harder beat and a guitar riff resembling a 90’s kids’ show intro.

As the aggression dies down, it seems it ok for Moody to express himself more intimately on tracks like the ballad “Whitley Glbert” and “I Can’t Stay.”  The sequence of songs on this project stands out. “The Phacts Of Life,” a chronological story that requires your full attention, is immediately followed by “Autobots,” a fun song that calls for no deep understanding.  The balance is perfect, and continues until the album concludes with “Oceans 4080,” which is golden age hip hop at its core. A strong instrumental, story interlude, and a portrait painted of the struggle of growing up and the pressures of the industry show us the true Chill Moody.

With its clever title, TV Made Me Do It perfectly straddles Moody’s childhood and adulthood.  All his thoughts, experiences, and choices compiled into one deeply calculated piece that mirrors the influence media has on all of us, all the while showing best attributes of Chill Moody.  Check out the album below and download it via Chill’s Soundcloud.