The Snails | photo via

On June 17, Philly reggae / rock outfit The Snails will temporarily be known as The Jam. They’re covering the legendary English rock band’s debut album In the City.

The band thinks it is a record designed to reach punk fans who need a lesson on the genre’s roots. Lead vocalist and guitarist Todd Fausnacht calls it “underrated.”

“Anyone who listens to punk rock needs to understand how the music got where it is,” he says. “Someone didn’t just say, ‘Oh, let’s play punk’… We dig deep when it comes to the music we listen to. Although some folks would salute the Sex Pistols as the best punk band from the 70’s, I guarantee they will rethink their decision after hearing In the City.”

In the City appeals to The Snails because, according to Fausnacht, “The Jam’s debut is the most straight forward. You can hear that they have something to prove. This is the only record that blends early American rhythm and blues, soul, and rock and roll with such an astounding aggression.  The Jam didn’t try to sound like a punk band, they just did.”

The Snails have all been fans of the Jam since they started playing music, which shows in their eclectic and their in-your-face sound. Fausnacht describes The Snails’ sound as “soul driven rhythm and blues…with a little taste of Jamaican music as well.” It’s definitely a sound that nobody else has right now.

The Snails don’t really fit into a particular category of music, and they don’t try either, not unlike The Jam. “That is exactly what music has lost,’ Fausnacht affirms. “Bands are too busy trying to fit into a category. Where is music supposed to go from there?”

The Snails, however, know where they’re going. They’re busy prepping for a tour starting in late July that will last to late August. In addition to their cover show in June, expect a Philly date along the July tour.

They’re also entering Nashville studio The Bomb Shelter in late July, working with producer Andrija Tonic to put together their next full length record. Fausnacht promises a different sound for the new record: “More soul. A lot more soul.”

Catch The Snails with The Ballantynes and COIN PURSE at Ortlieb’s on June 17th; more information on the show can be found at its Facebook event page.