Jansen Scott, left, and Lucas Hough are P.S. 118 | Photo courtesy of the artist

Jansen Scott and Lucas Hough are not trying to jump on the EDM bandwagon. The duo, known as P.S. 118, have been producing U.K.-inspired house for some time now and are finally releasing an EP titled Vol. 1. Set for release on June 7th, Vol. 1 deviates from the build-and-drop template so many house artists adopt. Instead the EP leaves room for meandering melodies and “infectious grooves”, as Hough describes, making it the ideal soundscape for a either night out or a mellow get-together. Hough says, “We want to make music that’s enjoyable in headphones and on the dancefloor – a journey.”

P.S. 118 offer versatility in their tracks, allowing their brand of electronic to be catchy without hitting you over the head. Hough and Scott cite Chicago artists like the late Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, and New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler as influences, as well as U.K. labels Hot Creations, Hotflush, and Crosstown Rebels. Many of these influences were in their heyday well before Scott and Hough were even born, which Hough explains as the result of exposure to sounds from a host of sources:

There’s a lot of different influences that went into this track, many of them other than music, but when I heard Maya Jane Coles’ Essential Mix it showed me the power of a simple yet infectious groove, and that you don’t need 7 synths stacked on top of each other to put energy into a track.

Scott also attributes much of their sound to Hough’s jazz upbringing.

Listen to and download “Function” below. If you like what you hear, check out the entire EP below. Also be sure to head to Silk City for the EP release party this Sunday, June 7th; details here.