Nathan Allebach | Photo via

One half of Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy has just released a solo EP. That half is the former, Nathan Allebach, and that EP is called Quarter Life Changes. Allebach got into the studio recently and churned out the seven-song project which is available on his Bandcamp now. Allebach describes the work as a collection of stories that he has been holding onto for some time that accurately depict the happenings of his life, and urges you to give it a listen so you too will find those similarities in his writing. Allebach put this whole EP together just a few weeks ago at Turtle Studios with Doug Raus.

Turtle Studios hasn’t been the only studio Nathan will have visited recently, as he and Rachel Joy are appearing on the XPN Philly Local Show tonight at 9 pm for the premiere of their Key Studio Session. The full studio session will be up on the blog tomorrow as well. Be sure to tune in to XPN tonight to check the folk pop duo out; until then here’s a preview of Nathan’s Quarter Life Changes.