The annual Molestice Festival is right around the corner and with it comes food, entertainment, art, and above all, family fun. With a 20 year tradition growing at the 100 block of North Mole Street each year, new and fresh faces take the stage to showcase some of the best music the region has to offer in a party that is prided for its artistic outlook.

This year an eclectic group is slated to perform, a group that includes favorites like the vintage sounding Ill Fated Natives (who released their EP Savages earlier this year) and indie folk band New Sweden. Also joining the party is multi talented Gooch and the Motion, whose genre ranges from hip hop to blues and everywhere in between. Headlining the show is Kuf Knotz, whose new album, A Positive Light, continues to showcase the rapper’s positive spiritual vibes.

The free show takes place on June 20th from 12 pm to 7 pm at the 100 block of Mole and Race Streets.  The full lineup is listed below.

Ill Fated Natives

Kuf Knotz

New Sweden