Nothing | Photo by Megan Kelly |

After promising us big news late last night with an Instagram of frontman Nicky Palermo buried in guitars and cables, the word about Philly noisemakers Nothing is out. The band will release its second album on Collect Records – the boutique label curated by Geoff Rickly of Thursday and home of Creepoid’s awesome new Cemetery Highrise Slum– and is currently recording with Will Yip at Studio 4, Noisey reports. In a Q&A, Palermo told editor-in-chief Fred Passero about his studio process and the plans for the record.

There’s never really been a solidified recipe for anything, and it all has been kind of loosely based on whatever was going on at the time. With Brandon [Setta]’s involvement later on, that just expanded. I feel like every release, there’s at least one song on that’s way further out than the release before. Then when we did the full-lengths, we tried to really like get a little loose with what we had available in the studio, so this time around we’re, we have much more of a palette to play with. There’s a bar upstairs and a beer distributor everywhere, and everyone is fully stocked with painkillers and we’re just here for 12 hour days. There’s a baby grand piano that Billy Joel recorded on and Will has access to string ensembles, so we’re pretty excited. We are going try to completely come out of left-field with a lot of shit. There are gonna be similarities, but it’s never gonna be the same. The second I start doing shit and it sounds repetitive, I’m gonna start doing something else.

See a collection of awesome in-studio photos and read Noisey‘s interview here. Palermo says the record will be out in 2016. In the meantime, watch their recent studio session with Exclaim! TV.