Meet ten of the local artists just added to this year's Philadelphia Folk Festival
Cynthia G. Mason | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

The 54th annual Philadelphia Folk Festival, taking place August 13th to the 16th at Old Pool Farm, will feature close to 40 Philadelphia-area artists – some 36 of them just added this week in conjunction with the Folksong Society’s Philadelphia music co-op. While we’re looking forward to all of their performances, we’ve decided to give you a taste of what’s in store. Full list below.

Band of Rivals are a five-piece that came together from a medley of genres to create great folk. Watch video for “Ghosts of You” below.

Black Horse Motel are another talented five-piece that blends Americana sounds and mandolin for a unique soundscape. Listen to album Red Summer Spirit below.

Cynthia G. Mason plays her own brand of introspective, more melancholic folk, and is back to performing after a seven-year hiatus. Listen to album Cinematic Turn below.

Dylan Jane‘s ability to craft a narrative into each song is inspiring. Listen to album From An Island below.

Elspeth Tremblay is a singer-songwriter who called Philadelphia home until her recent move to Asheville, NC. Listen to Tremblay’s performance of “More Than I Should” on Philly Local with Helen Leicht below.

Ladybird are a trio of Philadelphians who harmonize over bluegrass instrumentation. Listen to EP Hey There, Ladybird! below.

Man About a Horse are a four-piece who play danceable covers and originals. Listen to their latest EP below.

No Good Sister are another harmonizing trio that came together over a love of folk. Listen to song “Boss Of My Heart” below.

Tin Bird Choir are a four-piece, self-described “barn rock” band. Listen to their songwriter sampler below.

Todd Fausnacht is a solo blues performer who sometimes performs with his Well Whiskey Wind Whistlers. Listen to their self-titled release below.

Here’s a full list of locals added to Folk Fest:

Aaron Nathan & Michael G. Ronstadt
Andrew Jude
Andrea Nardello
Band of Rivals
Black Horse Motel
Cynthia G. Mason
Daniel S. Bower
Dylan Jane
Elspeth Tremblay
Hawk Tubley
The Hello Strangers
Jeneen Terrana
Jersey Corn Pickers
Jesse Terry
John Byrne Band
John Mallinen
Katherine Rondeau
Kevin Killen
Lizanne Knott
Lovers League
Man About a Horse
Mia Bergmann
Naelee Rae
No Good Sister
Paul Mamolou
Paul Saint John
Ray Owen
Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes
Sylvia Platypus
Tin Bird Choir
Todd Fausnacht
Valley Creek

Get tickets for the 2015 Philadelphia Folk Festival here.

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