Bad Braids | Courtesy of the artist.

We post up our newest Folkadelphia Session with Philadelphia’s Bad Braids in a bittersweet mood. Over the years, Megan Biscieglia, the constant in the collective, and her rotating cast of bandmates have produced a bounty of spaced-out, psych-tinged, folk-inflected close listening jams. While their music has evolved between three LPs and various releases, Biscieglia and co. have never strayed too far from that hypnotic sound, an audioscape as edgeless, mystical, and mesmerizing as if staring deeper and deeper into a stormy crystal ball. This year, Bad Braids allowed us to peer behind the veil again with an excellent new album EYE OF NIGHT, further fleshing out the full band sound and their untapped sonic potential. The name of the game is dynamics, and Megan and her band have honed their lunar-like powers of ebb & flow over what the listener perceives from second to second. They have created mini-epics, songs that swell up with power and dissapate with a shimmer, along with the occassional whirlpool that pulls you down under now and again.

The bitter part of this post is that Biscieglia will be moving across the continent to the left coast. Of course we wish her all the best on her new locale and all future endeavors, but we can’t help but be sad about the prospect of Philadelphia losing one of its major bright musical spots. So we take consolation in our new session that Bad Braids recorded for us earlier in the Spring and we hope that, though place and time may change, Biscieglia will continue to create and share music with all of us.

Bad Braids performs a last Philly show for a while, supporting The Weather Station at Johnny Brenda’s, this Thursday, July 16th.

P.S. Bad Braids recorded one of our earliest sessions at WXPN and it is still available to listen to at the Key.