Langhorne Slim | Photo by Megan Lynch |

Langhorne Slim, a Philly native, returned to his hometown for our Free at Noon doubleheader today. His performance was received quite warmly, and the crowd was dancing like they just didn’t care.

Slim’s music spread like wildfire after years of touring with bands like Cake, The Avett Brothers, The Violent Femmes, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. He’s been to huge festivals like Bonnaroo, but his music is just as magical and intimate when played in a smaller setting like the World Cafe. The performance was even more special because his mom and grandmother were in the audience.

His fifth studio album, The Spirit Moves, is due out August 7th. They played several cuts from the new record, including “Strangers”, “Changes”, and “Airplane”. The blazing fast title track was a crowd favorite, and much to Slim’s amusement, it did in fact make people “shake their asses off”. After the band signed off the radio, they played an additional two songs, closing out the set with their hit “The Way We Move”.

Check out photos and the setlist, and listen to the archive below, and be sure to catch Slim when he’s at Union Transfer on September 16. Tickets here. 

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Put It Together
Spirit Moves
Love Crimes