Armani White | Photo via

Philly rapper Armani White caught our attention earlier this year with a very distinctive, rapid-fire flow and a gift for pointed lyricism. On his new single, “Young Adults,” the pace of his rhymes is matched with slow, slooooooow beats, an incredible juxtaposition that makes the song both laid-back and invigorating. Armani describes the song on his Soundcloud page as a reflection of twentysomething restlessness: “‘Young Adults’ thrives off of the cultural waithood that rests between adolescence and adulthood.”

The lyrics on the verses are direct – “I see no reason to take a pay cut now / I stay up in case I’m found” – while the hook is more boisterous as Armani looks for an escape from frustration – “I’m drinking till I throw up / I don’t wanna grow up / fall asleep till I blow up / I don’t wanna grow up.”

Below, download “Young Adults” by Armani White and watch his RecSession video for the song via RECPhilly.