WC Lindsay | photo by Jess Flynn

“Beastie Boys watching The Breakfast Club at Warped Tour” has been the self-described sound of W.C. Lindsay for the past year or so. With a catchy, anthemic hook and an a cappella monologue bridge, all fueled by that college angst of pining after someone in a relationship, the Philadelphia power-pop-electric-rap-rock trio’s newest single, “Hang Tough,”is emblematic of exactly that.

“Hang Tough” is the band’s second single this year, following up the 2014 release of their debut full-length Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions. Frontman Will Lindsay told Alternative Press that the new single has “combined all the ideas represented in Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions and smashed them together in one track.”

Check out W.C. Lindsay’s first single, “Sister,” here and listen to “Hang Tough” here via Alternative Press.