Modern Baseball | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Lame-O Records is one of Philadelphia’s best up-and-coming punk rock independent record labels. The label – which put out this year’s Bad Year by The Superweaks, Hardcore Friends from Lithuania, and Tropical Depression from Steady Hands – has just put out their eleventh release of the year, a 2015 sampler. The 12-track sampler includes tracks from current roster artists such as Modern Baseball, Year of Glad, Three Man Cannon, and Lowercase Roses as well as from newer “bands you didn’t even know were Lame-O bands!”

Emily Hakes, who runs the label alongside Eric Osman, told us that these are “bands that are going to mean a lot to the label between now and 2016.” This comes as good news after listening through the Lame-O Records 2015 Sampler. The opening tracks from Lame-O newbies – Philadelphia’s Thin Lips, DC’s The Max Levine Ensemble, and Glasgow’s The Pooches – fit perfectly with the indie-punk sound of the other artists on the label. Those tracks along with “Special Baby” by Cherry and “JOBS” by Slaughter Beach, Dog are sure signs that Lame-O Records will be sending great music to our ears in 2016.

Listen to the sampler below.