Watch the zany new video for "Badvertise" by Dr. Dog

When we took you deep inside the making of Swamp Is On, the Knight Foundation funded collaboration between Dr. Dog and Pig Iron Theatre Company this past September, we were amazed at the complete utter potential for it to be unfathomably creative, zany, and rocking.

The source for Swamp Is On was cassette of Dr. Dog’s The Psychedelic Swamp which the band did the same time as their 2002 self-release Toothbrush. The Key’s John Vettese wrote that “while that album is more of a loose collection of songs, a sort of best-of from five years worth of various home recorded tapes, Swamp was a unified work written / recorded in late 90s / early 00s.” When Vettese interviews Scott McMicken about the project, McMicken said that, abstract as it all is, there was always a visual / narrative-driven concept behind the tape; he and Toby Leaman once thought about storyboarding a film about it.

With Swamp Is On behind them, Dr. Dog did recorded material from the shows. There’s no word yet on a new album, however, one of these songs, “Badvertise,” is available as a free download, and the band just released the video for it. It’s a Monkees-styled comedic satirical infomercial with drummer Eric Slick playing the Mickey Dolenz/Jerry Lewis character, and Scott and Toby with really bad toupees and cheesy running suits hilariously appearing as the Breakfast Crew. It’s an instant classic. Make sure you call the phone number in the video and leave the Breakfast Crew a message.

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