Vessna Sheff | photo by Rohan Ayinde Smith | | via

Art is a form of expression. Many great artists, whether it’s through music, painting, or poetry, find creative ways to share how they’re feeling or how they once felt with the public. Philadelphia native Vessna Scheff is a perfect example of an artist using their work to speak for them. With the help of her ukulele mixed with the assistance of her angelic voice, the singer/songwriter recently released an EP called Come Home which can be described as a journal of poems detailing the ups and downs of love that are dedicated to a special person in her life.

Take for instance her song “You Carved My Love,” where Vessna sings about how the size of her lover’s heart and hands are what’s responsible for the love she once had being chiseled down to the point where it is nonexistent. And while “You Carved My Love” speaks to the cons of love, her next song “There Will Always Be,” highlights the pros. Lines like “There will always be a space next to me just the size of you,” sounds like a dedication to someone that has Vessna smitten and open.

She stated on her website “To sing is to breathe out our deepest thoughts,” and after listening to her EP, it’s safe to say that this songbird has done a great job of using her art to articulate what goes on in her mind. Checkout Vessna’s song “There Will Always Be,” below and catch her performing at the Urban Art Gallery on Friday November 27th. The show starts at 8pm & tickets are $12 at the door.