Lushlife | Photo by Ebru Yildiz | courtesy of the artist

Just when you were ready to hang up that green jersey and start making Sunday afternoon plans for the rest of the season season, the ever-mystifying Philadelphia Eagles get their biggest win of the year Sunday afternoon by beating the New England Patriots. Who better to help you celebrate the surprising victory than Philly son Lushlife?

In September we covered Lushlife’s first Eagles-focused tailgate mix, which featured some of our favorite local artists including The War On Drugs, Man Man. Now, as the team and fans get ready for the season’s home stretch, the Philly rapper has released yet another playlist to help hype up your tailgate or game-day party.

This time around, the playlist runs almost nine hours, giving you plenty of options to jam to come game time. This mix includes everything from Philly talent like Meek Mill and RJD2, indie-rockers like Franz Ferdinand and Tame Impala and even classic jams from the like of Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. To listen to the specially-curated playlist for yourself on Spotify click here or check it out below.