Illinois | photo by Jared Polin

Sure tomorrow may the official first day of winter, but if you haven’t noticed, mother nature doesn’t seem to want to let go of the warmer months. Apparently neither does the Bucks County based indie-pop outfit Illinois, who just released a new EP titled, Summer. 

Last year, the guys of Illinois released Shine which featured the airy, synth-driven single “Summer” — a track which has a video you can watch below. Even as the days getting shorts and the temperature drops, the band seems to be holding on the to the feelings that brought this original track to life, while giving “Summer” a new life. The new EP features the original album version of “Summer” alongside a remix done by Philly’s DJ Skipmode and a new track, “2020,” that is a bit more mellow than Shine and takes a more country twang as lead singer Chris Archibald sings of the not-so-distant future of the next decade.

Illinois are set to play The Fire with The Dawn Drapes and The Librarians on January 30. You can find out more about that show here and listen to Summer below.