Minka | illustration by Andrew Scott | via instagram.com/andrewpiercescott

Not unlike the latest from local crew Illinois, a music video released today by Philadelphia indie-dance crew Minka finds the band firmly planted in summery days and warmer climes. As frontman Ariel Ruben explains, the “Kids These Days” video – filmed in Ocean City and Fishtown – follows a couple whose marriage has grown stale, so they rekindle their love by joining local kids in some mayhem, both planned and unplanned. Explains Ruben:

Fun little detail: We met Chris Schmeltzer, motorcycle stuntman, at a house party we played in Royersford. For the final scene of the video, we wanted to feature him and his crew doing tricks — because…why the hell not? We chose a strip of road near fishtown that we thought was secluded. Turns out other people had the same idea we did…we found a wild scene with crowds cheering on drag races. Made for an interesting shoot, to say the least.

Minka performs tomorrow, December 23rd, at Bob and Barbara’s holiday bash; more information on the show here.